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(watching TFC on your computer or laptop or IPhone/IPad or Android devices*)

TFC.TV will allow you to take TFC with you anywhere there is internet  connection.  Watch TFC online on any computer or capable smart devices i.e. IPhone/IPad or Android*.

What is TFC.TV? is the digital tambayan of the global Pinoy!
We bring together on one digital platform the social interaction of Filipinos worldwide and the advanced viewing experience of homegrown content. As the official platform of The Filipino Channel (TFC), we are the largest, most complete and up-to-date source on the web for free and premium videos from ABS-CBN Global. With added social and interactive features, we serve to bridge and nurture the relationships of Filipinos all around the world. 

Enjoy compatibility with different digital devices
Access your TFC content through the online gadget of your choice with’s compatibility with Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems.
* IPhone and IPad or Android needs an app to view  (Nov 2012).  It is FREE to download from apps store or Google store. The APP is very new and it works only very well if you are signed in to  We recommend to to use laptop or computer initially  or if you want to watch FREE TFC previews but please do send your review to help app developers fix any issue.

Why get TFC.TV?

  1. Perfect for people who do not have TV and always on the go.
  2. Perfect for those people who has TV but has not direct connection (wired) to Internet Router to be able to get our IPTV TFC box. You can use laptop can connect via HDMI to TV to watch TFC.
  3. Those people who does not want long contracts.  This will allow them to purchase 7 days, 1 month or 3 months TFC Premium subscription or ala cart shows by buying credit with $5 or $10 Prepaid Card (PPC).
  4. Those current TFC box owners that still wants to watch TFC on the GO who does not have FREE TFC everywhere access.
  5. Those people who want to check out TFC contents before buying TFC box first.
  6. For those who people who ordered TFC but waiting for it to be delivered.
  7. For those people who wants to interact with other while watching. There is an online chat that allows you to communicate with other viewers.
  8. It is the newest social media and can be integrated to other social media like facebook.

How to get TFC.TV?

  1. Simply order a Prepaid or Subscription eCard (PPC) or top up card by ordering below.
  2. We will send you the instruction how to activate the service by email (please allow 24-48 hours for the email reply). Please regularly check your inbox or check spam or junkmail folder just to be sure.
  3. Register (if necessary)
  4. Choose the package
  5. Watch and enjoy

Watch on your IPhone or IPad or Adroid Devices:

Bored on long bus or car rides? Waiting in line? Camping? Or maybe you're friends or family are just using all the entertainment devices you have at the moment?

Never be bored again. The most appealing aspect of is that it can be accessed from any Internet ready device. As long as you're smart phone can connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi or 3/4G or LTE then you can access almost anywhere in the world.
By accessing and logging in to the on your smart phone, you can access all of the same TFC movies and television shows that you could access on your television via the set-top box Your phone never leaves your side and now, neither will  

Ops... SORRY WE ARE OUT OF STOCK on eCards.  However get your complimentary access aka TFC Everywhere with TFC Premium package. Please visit our TFC package page. Thanks.OR You may order directly to




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* Important Note:

Please allow 24-48 hours for the Activation Email to be delivered after purchasing online.


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